Rep Coaching Application Form 2024-25 (NOTL Hockey)

Rep Coaching Application Form 2024-25
Rep Coaching Applications are now open!
I agree to the following terms and conditions; and I will:

1.  Familiarize myself with, and abide by, the policies of the NOTL Minor Hockey Association;
2.  Upgrade my credentials as requested by the NOTLMHA;
3.  Attend all Coaches meetings scheduled by the NOTLMHA;
4.  Comply with the Constitution: Bylaws and the Operations Manuals of the NOTLMHA and the Ontario Minor Hockey Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA), and the NDHL.
5.  I have read and understand the Code of Conduct and Coaching Job Descriptions that are posted on the websites &
6.  I understand that any proposed Bench Staff may also be required to complete an online application at a later date, and any person put forward as a potential Bench Staff member will be subject to NOTLMHA Board approval.
7.  I understand that all volunteers will be subject to a Vulnerable Police Sector check or will be required to sign the Declaration of Offence document each season PRIOR to the season commencing.  This includes ANY Head Coach or proposed Bench Staff volunteer, or any on-ice volunteer.
8.  I understand that I may be subject to an interview during the selection process.

In addition, I understand that completing a coaching application for the NOTLMHA does not ultimately guarantee me a coaching position with the NOTLMHA.

I authorize NOTLMHA to collect personal information appropriate to the information applied by verifying character references supplied.

By checking the "I agree to the terms and conditions stated above" button, I agree that as a Head Coach I am responsible for ALL team activities and items that occur throughout the hockey season.

If you require a copy of any of the above mentioned documentation, policies, or guidelines, please ask and we (the coaching committee) will provide you with said document before signing and accepting the Head Coaching position.

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Team Selection Request

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Proposed Team Officials

Please be aware all proposed team officials are subject to an interview, police check and NOTLMHA Board approval.


In order to speed up the coaching selection process we require one reference from each applicant (excluding relatives and proposed Team Officials) from parents on a previous years team. Please fill out the fields below or your application cannot be processed.